Don’t put up with thinning hair. Stop the process now by coming to Derma Capital Laser Clinic and get a hair loss treatment plan. We provide effective hair restoration services at our clinic using only modern technology. We offer restoration services including PRP and vitamin therapy to both men and women and can treat minor or widespread hair loss.

Our Hair Restoration Treatment

After an initial consultation, we will develop a restoration plan where we will recommend the optimum number of hair restoration sessions. We use low-level laser hair loss therapy in which diodes emit light waves at specific wavelengths and frequencies. The light works to stimulate follicle and hair growth, resulting in fuller, healthier hair. Each session only takes about 30 minutes.

We also use platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy at our Brampton clinic. PRP can be used for a number of purposes including hair loss. PRP, which contains a number of concentrated growth factors derived directly from the patient’s own blood is administered at the treatment site.

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